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Water Systems, Equipment, Supplies

CR Water Treatment   

We provide equipment, installation, service and repair
and partner with the following fine businesses

  • Gould's Pump   
  • Franklin Electric  
  • Preferred Pump     
  • Charger Water    
  • Western Hydro    
  • Pentair


  • Gravatt's Backhoe
  • Foster's Well Drilling
  • Basic Laboratory

Invest in a water system 

        to meet 

your household

 needs both winter and summer

Storage Tanks In multiple sizes 
Well water storage tank, pressure tank, Ernie Goff 530 238-2336, cr water treatment, redding, lakehead, frank goff
   Media Tanks
   Ultra-Violet Lights
   Well Pumps
      Quality Equipment          
           For Years of Use
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Ernie Goff, Lakehead, Redding, Preferred Pump, Western Hydro, Gould's Pump, Charger Water, Pentair, Franklin Electric, Foster's Well Drilling, Gravatt's Backhoe